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Your dream starts here. Finally, you have found what you were looking for. A flight school that is ready to complete your dreams. Sport Flying USA Services is one of the leading Light Sport training, Service and Sales facilities. We are proud of our top-of-the-line aircraft, maintenance, service, and flight training. Our team of CFI’s want to make sure you complete your dream of flying no matter what your current age.

With our CFI’s and staff coming from the cream of the crop from top tier schools and airlines, we can guarantee that you will be able to fly better when you leave.

Together with CFI’s and staff we will get you the dream of having a pilots license.

To know more, visit our hanger at Lancaster Airport and we will take care of you with the highest service that we are known for and make you feel like family.

Light Sport Pilot License

Learn How to Fly Now.

What does a Sport Pilot License get you?

The Sport Pilot License is catching on. Yet despite the number of schools adding sport pilot training to their offerings there are few Light Sport Aircraft Schools that specialize in getting you your Sport Pilot License and an accelerated flight training program.

Because sport pilot training isn’t available everywhere, come in or call to see how fast you can get your Sport Pilot License when you have an organized training plan for a Sport Pilot License. A good training plan can be accomplished in two weeks of full-time training. However, that doesn’t mean that it is easy. We budget 20 hours of flight, 10 hours of ground training, plus 30 hours of directed self-study even if your knowledge exam has been passed.

If you are looking for SUPERIOR QUALITY flight training with late model Light Sport Aircraft, that are beautifully maintained with the latest avionics and expert flight instruction in Light Sport Aircraft from mature, experienced, professional flight instructors following an FAA approved syllabus, then you are in the right place!

Sport Flying USA Services is ready for you. What is the secret to our accelerated flight Training Center success? We simply offer the best selling training syllabus in the industry, some of the best technically advanced Light Sport Aircraft, and certified flight instructors, all located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We do all this at a flight training airport in central Pennsylvania and all at fair prices! Get enrolled in our Light Sport Aircraft flight school where you get a chance to train in all seasons. Do you want more information right now? Contact us now.

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We repair many different makes an models, including: Bristell, Evektor SportStar, GoBosh AT4, Flight Design, Remos, Sport Cruiser, Sting Sport, Pipistrel, Tecnam and many more.  A&P Mechanics on staff as well as Rotax 912 Series Certified Mechanics.

Labor rates are $88.00 per hour.  Basic Annuals and 100 hour Condition Inspections starting at $950.00.

FAA regulation specifies who can maintain and inspect S-LSA’s.  We specialize in:


  • Rotax 912 series engine repair up to Heavy Maintenance
  • Flight Design CTLS and CTSW
  • Evektor Sport Star
  • BRM Aero Bristell
  • Aero-AT Gobash
  • Piper SportCruiser
  • Remos
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Want to own a Plane? Share Program Ownership

All Bristell Shares flying club potential members become eligible to purchase a share in one of our Bristell shares aircraft after they earn a Bristell challenge coin. To earn a coin the pilot must land within 400 feet of the desired touch down spot on a day with a minimum of 6 knots crosswind. The pilot must land on the main wheels and on the center line with no crab and track straight down the runway. The nose must be held slightly off the runway for 300 feet and then a go-around in initiated without letting the nose get too high. The pilot will accelerate to Vy of 67 knots while remaining in ground effect.

Walk Away Promissory Note rev:Aug 2016

$ 11,500.00 principal

FOR VALUE RECEIVED, _________________, promises to pay to Sport Flying USA, Inc., his heirs, successors and assigns, the principal sum of $11,500.00, shall be payable in 132 equal monthly installments of $115.00 each, beginning on _____________, and continuing on the 1st day of each and every month thereafter

All sums due hereunder shall be payable to Sport Flying USA, Inc. at the following address:

PO BOX 623
Remsenburg, NY, 11960

Or at such other place as Louis Mancuso his heirs, successors and assigns may specify in writing.

This Note is secured by a .115 share of stock in Sport Flying USA, Inc. which represents use of a Bristell N______ for up to 30 hours per year with three exclusive weeks use. This is a 1/16th share in the Bristell Share program.

In the event ______________, shall default in payment of any installment of principal when the same shall become due and payable hereunder and such default shall not be cured within thirty (30) days, then the holders of this Note may, at their option, take possession of the aircraft and the buyer shall forfeit all monies paid to date. In that event, _____________ shall not be liable for any portion of the unpaid note and can SIMPLY WALK AWAY with no obligation whatsoever.

This Note is non-negotiable.

Dated: ____________________

By: __________________________________

By: __________________________________

Louis Mancuso

Sport Flying USA, Inc.

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Pilot Training

We train based on your time.  We train in the Bristell aircraft. You wont find more Bristells under one roof anywhere else in the USA. We can take you from a student pilot to a CFI-Sport Pilot.  This is why people choose us.

We have a patented 20-step process to get the job done.

We have been featured on many covers of the Sport Aircraft world.

We are #1 in sales and service of Bristells in the USA.

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